WWE NETWORK: Friday, January 30 Schedule

VIP - PWTorch Newsletter #1390 (PDF & TEXT): Keller’s Royal Rumble Report, Rumble Staff Roundtable, Austin Torch Talk on Reigns, Mitchell column, Parks predicts WM31, Keller’s TV Reports, Cover Story, End Notes (21 pages)

WWE NEWS: Top item announced for Monday's Raw - Triple H teases big announcement related to Rumble result

WWE NEWS: Divas Title match added to Fast Lane PPV

SMACKDOWN NEWS: Bryan wins feud vs. Kane, Cena-Rusev, Triple H plays WWE spokesperson, McMahon, WWE tries to weave anger into the fiction, Wyatt teases Taker feud

PARKS'S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 1/29: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the live Thursday show, including Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Casket Match

SD POLLS 1/29: Vote 0-10 & Best Match of Smackdown

TNA NEWS: Impact SPOILER - EVOLVE champion debuts at Thursday's TNA TV tapings

VIP - 01/29 - Wade Keller Hotline - Ask the Editor: Could a departing Lesnar still get cheered against Reigns at WM31? Is WWE going to be hurt by people picking months to subscribe? Is Rumble brand damaged? Free February? (37 min.)

LIVECAST AUDIO: Thursday PWTorch Livecast (1/29) now available on-demand - James Caldwell & Greg Parks